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05:51:00 AM Nov 23rd 2011
This is one of my favorite movies and it seems to have some controversial points of view between different people on this site. Specifically- how can Tyler be both an Uber Mensh and a Nietzsche Wannabe. My taking of the movie was ALWAYS that it followed the Camel/Lion/Child path laid out in Thus Spake Zarathustra:

-Narrator at the beginning is the Camel (Burden of following values). -Meets Tyler, becomes the Lion (destroyer of outdated values) towards his old Life. -Figures out that in becoming the Lion towards his old life he's become the Camel to Tyler's world view. -Becomes the Lion to Tyler's World View -Attempts to kill self, becomes The Child (Creator of his own values)

People get upset because Tyler rages against corporate control and the taming of the American male and then trying to replace it with Anarchy. That's sort of the point isn't it? Because the narrator is STILL following until he actually turns on Tyler, he doesn't become complete until he forges his own (Tyler Free path). I don't think the point is "without corporations there is anarchy" or something like that... but somehow people watch this movie and come out thinking Status Quo is (a good) god
07:55:45 PM Dec 24th 2010
Algonquin Moose, why do you think the Paranoia Fuel entry needs spoiler tags? If you refuse to discuss it and keep edit warring with me, moderator action will be taken.
12:38:23 AM Nov 4th 2010
  • Palahniuk/Durden are not the first to point out that the upper classes truly are dependent on the middle and lower classes. Camille Paglia once even called the upper-class parasitic, pointing out that, sans poolboy and so forth, many rich people would be helpless. In a vacuum money is useless. There are a lot of people that do a lot of jobs that you never SEE them doing, but if they didn't show up for work you'd feel it. Take it from a truck driver.

I think this should be removed from the Misaimed Fandom section. It's kind of missing the point to bellow about how the rich are parasites completely dependent on the working classes for everything...just underneath the comment pointing out that it isn't the point of the movie.
06:44:19 AM Nov 4th 2010
Agreed. Misaimed Fandom is a subjective anyway; it belongs on YMMV.
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