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09:08:44 AM May 15th 2015
Isn't this just Mr. Fanservice?
09:20:19 AM May 15th 2015
Nah, this one covers the underlying audience response and how it affects the work.
10:07:25 AM Jan 1st 2012
edited by PassTheWord
Merge with Male Gaze.
07:16:20 AM May 5th 2010
I'm not fully convinced that female gaze is the same thing as homosexual gaze, or even that women and homosexual males ARE attracted to the same features. The gay guys I've known seem to pick partners on very different principles than the girls I know. And it's not just who their types are, respectively, it's also what they're looking for out of a relationship.
04:19:52 PM May 5th 2010
Added a disclaimer. Better?
02:03:01 PM Sep 22nd 2010
Not the same guy as above, but not really. It's obtrusive and wordy. I'm going to change it from "It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate where this trope is really Female Gaze or Homosexual-Male Gaze, owing to the fact that both groups (mostly) find the same things sexually attractive, and that appeal to both groups is still not considered particularly mainstream. Regardless, this trope is still called Female Gaze just for the sake of cohesion. Note that this qualifier is primarily for the benefit of us male heterosexuals- there certainly are differences between what heterosexual women and homosexual men look for in their object of desire, it's just difficult to quantify (at least until this article gets more Wiki Magic)." to "May overlap with 'homosexual male' gaze." Remove quotations if you want.
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