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01:34:11 PM Apr 24th 2013
How is this different from Fake Ultimate Hero?
03:03:26 AM Mar 14th 2012
This trope should be renamed.

The term "feet of clay", in common English usage, refers to an idolised hero with a single hidden flaw, usually of an ethical nature. It does not mean someone with a whole set of misinformed abilities, as described in the header text.

Also, the underlying examples should be revisited. They are all over the place: some are good examples of the traditional meaning (eg. Dumbledore's fascist past), some of the header text description (Zapp Branigan's tactical ability), and some don't fit either version.
07:38:59 PM Dec 18th 2012
There's already a trope (Warts and All) that covers the more traditional definition of Feet of Clay.

Also, why is this divided into heroic and villainous versions?
07:32:23 PM Dec 14th 2013
Wow, this is a mess on so many levels. So we have a name that's a pre-existing term... for something different to the trope, and is also the name of a work... with nothing to do with the trope. The meaning given in the description seems to be covered by several other tropes (Miles Gloriosus, Fake Ultimate Hero).

Meanwhile, the meaning actually suggested by the name "Feet Of Clay" is covered by a different trope, which is called Warts and All... and similarly misrepresents the meaning of the phrase "Warts And All".

My head hurts.
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