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07:27:46 PM Mar 22nd 2015
edited by JoyfulPenguin
A particularly stark example I would suggest for Web Original is the SCP Foundation. The Foundation regularly captures, contains, studies, fights, gets eaten by, or otherwise interacts with any number of things conforming to no particular rules of setting. Gods, wizards, demons, angels, goblins, pegasi, robots, ghosts, cyborgs, aliens, clones, time-displaced beings, time-displaced things, talking animals, talking objects, sentient locations, portals to other dimensions, advanced spacecraft, hidden races and species, inconceivable Eldritch Abominations, anomalous towns, weird signals, ad nauseam. There's a malicious entity that will eliminate the population if it doesn't keep playing basketball. There's a candy bowl that severs your hands if you take more than two at a time. There's even one that only exists in text and corrupts any original text into babbling fanfiction. If it's weird and significant, it's bound to show up some time soon in the Foundation's containment cells.
03:36:30 AM Feb 22nd 2015
edited by ading
  • Older Than Feudalism, in The Aeneid, Aeneas sees Centaurs, Scyllae, Briarus, the Hydra of Lerna, Chimaera, the Gorgons and other monsters at the gate of the underworld. In the underworld, he meets spirits of dead heroes as well as those which have yet to be born.

Moving this here due to natter. It seems to me that this isn't an example since all of these things are from Greek myths predating the Aeneid.
04:58:06 PM Oct 30th 2011
For a literary example, see anything ever written by Robert Rankin. In the Armageddon Trilogy, Elvis Presley is teamed up with the twin sister of Jesus Christ and a time-traveling Brussels sprout with random unlimited superpowers called Barry. In other books, two regular characters meet, amongst many others, space aliens, Sherlock Holmes, time-traveling demons, at least 3 different versions of the Antichrist, the Spice Girls, and Cthulhu. Apparently Robert writes very quickly, and he doesn't believe in editing or correcting anything at all, so continuity tends to go out of the window, as does any kind of logic whatsoever. I don't think you'll find much more of a Fantasy Kitchen Sink than this! Except in Japan, obviously.
04:26:52 AM Aug 4th 2011
I can't believe that Gintama isn't a part of this trope. Samurai, aliens, demons, yakuza, pop idols, hosts, cabaret girls, ninjas, terrorists, cops, shamans, onmyouji, and even Santa Claus. There's probably more too but I think you get the picture.
01:51:21 PM Jan 11th 2011
I nominate Pirates of the Caribbean (3 to be precise)

Despite being in the CARIBBEAN they turn up in the far East... floating in the Pacific Ocean. All so we could have some wise old Buddhist types and some pirates vs ninjas. In fact, pirates vs ninjas should get a reference here somewhere too.
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