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11:42:53 AM Jun 1st 2016
Is there a term for fanon that is written partway through a work's run cycle, then debunked when that work continues and the canon takes it in another direction entirely?
11:52:10 AM Jun 1st 2016
The term is "Jossed".

Also see "Fan-Disliked Explanation" and "Continuation" under "Alternate Universe Fic".
12:27:24 AM Apr 26th 2016
The main page is Fanon Discontinuity but the subpages are just Discontinuity. What gives?
06:38:04 PM Apr 11th 2014
Would an inversion of this be canon discontinuity that fanon considers canon? And are their any examples after this?
11:01:47 PM Apr 11th 2014
That would be Fanon + Canon Discontinuity.
11:17:30 AM Mar 29th 2013
06:56:57 AM Apr 12th 2014
From the page linked: "This is an audience reaction trope about a fan response to works of fiction. It is not a place to get into a discussion about claims that people make about history."
08:43:52 PM Jul 19th 2011
edited by xanderglz
The current folder listing of the archived tales doesn't work. It's redirected like this:

and so on, when actually I think it was intended to be like this:

emphasis on the slash after the "Fanon Discontinuity" topic.

Care to fix that please? I tried to edit the page, and it sends me to uncanney valley, where I'd rather not do anything, so I'd probably end up screwing the page.
07:25:21 AM Jan 14th 2011
The current page quote doesn't really describe this trope that well, being more a joke about Comic Book Guy treating his comics as Serious Business rather than providing an example of a person refusing to talk about a Dork Age or a bad sequel or pretending it never happened.
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