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04:06:40 AM Dec 25th 2014
What does the term FAWK mean? I've never seen that term before, and the word is only used under the video game folder.

08:14:03 PM Oct 20th 2014
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  • Similarly, it is pronounced Neh-va-duh not Neh-vah-duh.

Can someone who knows clarify this? As written the distinction is a little murky. I assume it's the difference between and ɑː (for most Americans, a as in "pass" vs. a as in "father") but as written I can't tell for certain which is meant to be which. There's also no indication of stress, though I suspect it's on the second syllable in both cases.
08:16:39 AM Oct 21st 2014
Did a little research, and you're right, the "a" in the first pronunciation is meant to sound like that in "bad." Ironically, both pronunciations are etymologically wrong, as the state was named after a Spanish word pronounced subtly differently from both, but closer to the latter (quote-unquote "incorrect") pronunciation. Added more clarification to the example.
08:04:24 AM Aug 28th 2014
Is it just me, but has this drifted from "common mistakes that set fans off" to "anything that sets dedicated fans off".

Because the latter seems to be covered by Internet Backdraft while the former needs its own trope.
08:21:35 AM Aug 28th 2014
The difference is pure YMMV. I am not sure if I would even try to differentiate.
03:34:59 AM Aug 8th 2014
I'm on the fence about this, but would calling D&D out as satanic qualify as a Fan Berserk Button? I imagine it would get you kicked out of most gaming establishments.
03:36:00 AM Aug 8th 2014
On a different note, would the whole "sex scene" scandal qualify as a massive example of a Fan Berserk Button being pressed? Just an afterthought.
07:12:34 PM Feb 12th 2014
The moral of this page is, "Fans take the things they like way too seriously."

Also, anyone who thinks punk is centered around the fashion (as the "Fashion" section states) is probably not an actual punk, and is more likely to be into Green Day and blink-182 than Minor Threat and Bad Brains.
02:47:01 AM Feb 3rd 2014
Am I the only person who don't get the tattoo part at the end of a Real Life section?
10:22:11 PM Dec 5th 2013
On the subject of the Wii U, would "it's not next-gen" and "it's less powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360" count as berserk buttons?
01:27:36 AM Mar 4th 2013
edited by DougSMachina
Is the title written as "Fando M" to be self-demonstrating?
02:29:12 AM Mar 4th 2013
Nope. That's just an error in whatever link sent you here — Fandom Berserk Button and Fando M Berserk Button are the same page.
12:49:11 AM Mar 4th 2013
03:48:22 PM May 23rd 2013
Could we at least have kept Nerd Rage as a title? I'm really, really starting to hate SPOON.
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