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06:33:09 PM Jul 11th 2015
edited by BrokenEye
I notice the Alien series (and the work of the late great H. R. Geiger in general) isn't mentioned, despite being constructed entirely out of completely sexual imagery, implied sexual imagery arranged and presented in a way carefully calculated to be uncomfortable at best and horrifying at worst. Is Freudian Horror a different trope or something?
02:01:32 AM Jul 12th 2015
That series is more associated with horror than with sexual imagery, I think.
07:57:16 AM Dec 4th 2015
"Fan Disservice looks like regular garden variety Fanservice, except that the creators intentionally use the circumstances around it to make the scene outright creepy or disgusting."

This trope is about using sexual imagery to evoke horror or laughter. Giger's work (not Geiger, which is pronounced differently) seems an appropriate example to me. Why not add it?
08:49:58 PM Nov 14th 2012
edited by Stinkfly3
Can we change the page image to that of Wreck-It Ralph in a speedo? I noticed a lot of the YouTube readers don't want to see that image again.
10:48:04 PM Sep 8th 2010
edited by numol
I also take issue with the "Crying Game" entry in "Film" — not because I disagree that the reveal was meant to shock viewers rather than turn us on, but because of this last part:

"While this is okay for some people, it isn't for the people who were expected a hot, hetero sex scene and thought Dil was a woman."

This is a technical inaccuracy at best. If someone's transgender, that means they *are* the gender they identify as, regardless of the situation downstairs. In other words: it was the package, rather than the actual gender of the person, that was the turnoff, and there should be a distinction there.

And along similar lines: the "District B-13: Ultimatum" entry — I'm pretty sure "trap" isn't an okay term if you mean "transgender" (I haven't seen the movie, but from the context it seems like that's what was meant).

I'll edit both of these, too. I haven't got a problem with either definition, since I know the first example was intentional Fan Disservice and the second one seems like it was, too — I just have a problem with the way the original posters worded things.
10:06:28 PM Sep 8th 2010
edited by numol
Re: Fanservice misinterpreted as Fan Disservice by straight guys because it involves a guy — this would also include dude-Fanservice aimed at other dudes. Although it's comparatively rare, and sometimes overlapping with (or indistinguishable from) male Fanservice aimed at women, it's still an oversight to say that all male Fanservice is for women.

I'm gonna go ahead and edit the page to reflect this.
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