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12:25:13 AM Dec 1st 2011
I've a beef with this article.

Now, I'm not really a troper; I've made a few edits here and there, but not at all versed enough in tvtropes methodology to make the type of edits I'd like. So I'll toss my points here and let you guys decide if they're worthwhile or not.

The main problem I have with this is the unfair implications that some of the stereotypical fanboy eccentricities are bad. Now, I understand the term has negative connotations, and of course some of the eccentricities are indeed, bad. Here's the ones that I disagree actually are.

- Creator Worship. From the article: "Star Trek fanboys who obsess over how Paramount has supposedly ruined "Gene's vision", not taking into consideration that Gene's real (and honourable) vision was to earn money to support his family."

I'm far from a trekkie and don't know many details about star trek, but unless Mr. Roddenberry was 100% doing it for the money, this argument is totally bogus. Pointing out that a show has shifted gears is a completely valid criticism. There's nothing wrong with crying "they changed it now it sucks;" only trying to enforce other people to agree with you that the change made it suck. After all, deviating from "Gene's Vision" will not necessarily make worse Star Trek episodes; they could even be better. But since we're talking about personal, subjective opinions here, whether they actually ARE worse or better will vary from person to person.

As such, I propose 1 of 3 things happen to this line.

1. Nuke the part about "gene's vision" being money. 2. Link to a quote of him saying that indeed, his vision was money. 3. Change the line to something less stupid and just link to "They Changed it now it Sucks."

- This line: "fanboys spend $129.99 on a tacky statue of Mary Jane doing Spider-Man's laundry that should really cost about eight bucks." I don't really have a problem with this (it's factual as far as I know), except that it seems to be again, implying buying said statue is bad. Merch collection can be a big thing for some people, and implying they're wasting their money is plain insulting. I dunno about you but if I were to walk into someone's room full of sports/comic book/tv show/etc memorabilia, I wouldn't start pointing out that overpriced bobblehead was a waste of money.

This is also ignoring the possibility of sentimental value. I personally have a handmade Applejack plushie; it probably cost about $15 and a couple hours to make. I bought it for $100. It may be rather tacky but dammit I'll probably love it even if I get a better one later because I got it at the height of my MLP obsession. This sort of thing can just as easily apply to official merch, too.

Ultimately I think this is a fine eccentricity to point out, just change the wording a bit to be less condescending.

The rest of the article is pretty ok. The other eccentricities pointed out associated with the stereotype are indeed, bad. I'd also add something about blindly defending their preferred show. You know the type; the ones who take ANY sort of criticism directed at their show personally, and can't fathom why anyone would dislike the parts they like (often there will be lines about "true fans" and whatnot too). The essence of the "fandumb" is not being able to accept other people might disagree with their opinions, after all, and many a fanboy will shove their opinions (both positive and negative) down other's throats and not accept anyone else's.

All in all, obsession and having strong opinions on a show isn't bad (despite all the people who will tell you the best way to enjoy a show is as apathetically as possible else it becomes "serious business"). Only forcing your opinion on others is, or obsessing so much it gets in the way of your life (living outside a carboard box so you can buy more magic cards, for example, might be taking it too far).
09:28:32 AM Sep 27th 2012
edited by gibberingtroper
I went ahead and struck the middle three paragraphs. It was nattery, overly specific and parts read like specific tropers had axes to grind (like the part about Ho Yay which was long enough to imply that rejecting of Ho Yay is a major defining characteristic of fanboys.)
09:28:32 AM Sep 27th 2012
edited by gibberingtroper
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