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08:13:53 AM Jun 8th 2018
"Dave Barry nevertheless mockingly called him "George W. Bush, jr., III", in reference to George Washington and to his impaired relationship with 41, who always loved Jeb best, and to the many tyrannies of Mad King George III of England, as called out in The Declaration of Independence." I have no idea what this is saying. Could someone add a few links for clarity or explain the context?
01:50:34 PM Jun 23rd 2017
Why is Fan Nickname considered Trivia and not YMMV?
02:24:47 PM Apr 5th 2017
New here, can we have more nicknames on the Politics? Maybe some African politicians with really funny nicknames
09:37:49 PM Dec 17th 2013
I don't get it. Why does almost everyone put Fan Nickname on YMMV page rather than trivia page where it belongs to?
01:04:57 AM May 28th 2014
Force of habit, which I'm guessing comes from when Trivia pages didn't really exist yet. If you see it happening, just move it to the proper page. No point in questioning it, really.
05:59:48 PM Sep 19th 2010
Does anybody else think that fan nicknames are just plain annoying?
11:56:15 PM Feb 23rd 2011
Not when used with some common sense. For instance, shortening longer names is just fine, and comedic ones can be okay sometimes. But they do sometimes get a wee bit out of hand.
10:45:48 PM Jun 11th 2010
Most of the stuff under Scale Modeling seems more like culture slang or just acronyms more than anything else. 'Aztec stairs' fits, but stuff like Dragon Models Limited being shortened to DML doesn't really seem like it should go there. And flash is a technical term for the extra plastic or metal on a molded part, not a nickname.
03:36:16 PM May 16th 2010
The exclamation point thing is REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying and reeks of fangirl.
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