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07:54:29 PM Jan 27th 2014
Quick question, can a setting be this trope if it truly is a utopia for the masses (Think 98% live in the safest, most comfortable place in a normally crapsack world), but a living hell for those deemed "insufficient"?
08:51:58 AM Nov 24th 2012
I think many of the examples belong on Crapsaccharine World. I think I get the difference between this trope and that one — here the characters aren't aware it's Crap, and it might not even appear Saccharine to an outside perspective. It's about the characters' perception.

But some of the examples just don't go with this distinction.
06:42:20 PM Jan 7th 2013
We also already have Lotus-Eater Machine, Pleasure Island, Stepford Suburbia, Sugar Apocalypse, and if you stretch it, Possessive Paradise and Uncanny Village - many examples of which are on this page too.

Personally, I think the trope is too vague in description. A in-universe-described "utopia" perceived as perfect to the inhabitants' eyes but obviously flawed/corrupt to the protagonists' and viewers' eyes (not a place written to be gentle and innocent by the work's creator that critics or cynical viewers have decided is "really" awful because X, Y and Z - those examples come off way too much as being subjective, cruel and whiny) seems like it would work better.
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