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05:33:51 AM Feb 4th 2011
I can't help but notice that many entries should go to Warm-Up Boss or Anti-Climax Boss instead.
10:52:09 AM Jun 1st 2010
Removed the following natter:

  • In Super Smash Bros., larger characters are often disadvantaged; their large size makes them slower and easier to hit, their high weight typically makes it harder for them to recover, and many smaller fighters have attacks that are just as strong and much faster.
    • Reversed in Brawl, the third iteration, where a few heavy fighters (Notably Snake and King Dedede) have ridiculous power, ridiculous recovery, modest speed, or a good combination of the above.
      • Or averted by Charizard. He's a big mook...who can hit hard enough to make Sonic's incredible speed advantage mean NOTHING if the hit connects.
      • It has not been reversed. Heavyweights are generally big enough that continuous hitbox attacks will devastate them. Case in point. That combined with the fact that it's easy to nail them with a clean hit or a spike because of their size makes it clear why Ike is just one of several newbie killers.
      • Funny, since this noob found Ike to be one of the easiest characters to play when starting out. It got to the point where against the AI I was able to beat all the other characters except Mario consistently. But individual styles probably contribute to this.
      • The real improvements given to large-heavy characters are the invincibility frames during some of their attacks. The attacks aren't interrupted if they're hit during these frames, so anyone who tries is more or less guaranteed to be hit by them.

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