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06:10:47 PM Feb 13th 2013
edited by DJClayworth
Some of the examples seem to be simply setting up the origins of the story. For example, Stargate and Fifth Element, 24, Harry Potter, Firefly, Doctor Who. The opening sequence is in a different place from the rest of the show, but it genuinely is the place where the story starts. They aren't really a fake-out. Should they be listed here?
04:08:19 AM Jan 24th 2012
The Princess Bride is obviously an example of Framing Device (and is listed under that trope) which is a different thing from Fake Out. I think it should be deleted here. (Or change the definition of Fake Out to include any Framing Device which differs greatly in setting or tone from the framed story, but that seems wrong.)
10:17:06 PM Jan 31st 2012
Frankenstein has a similar problem, though there is a lengthy explanation for that one.
06:11:18 PM Feb 13th 2013
I agree. Framing isn't fake-out.
12:08:54 AM Jan 18th 2011
Whoever made the entries for Stargate and the Fifth Element almost identical, I salute you. I definitely did a double take.
10:16:24 PM Jan 31st 2012
And the Exorcist has yet another archaeological dig in the Middle East :)
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