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08:02:30 PM Jul 18th 2014
"The trope is averted if the distinction between fiction and reality is an important plot point (as in The Matrix and Inception)."

This was added to the description. I don't see how it follows from anything. I mean, with The Matrix I would say it's not an example even though it has a bit of something like that (not just in the first scene but throughout), but then I wouldn't expect anyone to think so either. I also changed a couple of what sounded like clear examples but were listed as aversions based on something like this principle.

A 1) first (or nearly so) scene 2) with action 3) that is revealed not to be real at the end of that scene. That's all it means.
01:20:04 AM Jul 19th 2014
Aye, not seeing how it differentiates from this trope. Yank that.
08:32:54 AM Jul 1st 2010
I'd be grateful if someone could sort out which Naked Gun and Austin Powers movies are the ones referenced here. I just can't keep them straight myself.