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02:27:18 PM Sep 21st 2010
Petition to rename to "zombie Episode" to clarify trope nature and kill this annoying snowclone. if any1 has any idea as to how to start a crowner, tell me

03:14:18 PM Sep 21st 2010
Unfortunately we're liable to face sanction if we take such an action without the approval of Trope Repair Shop. I've started a forum thread which should be linked above.

For future reference, crowners can be created by taking this link, putting it into your taskbar, and adding the title of whatever page you're crownering about. Change Single Proposition to Alternative Titles or Page Action if you want one of those types of crowners instead.
03:23:25 PM Sep 21st 2010
BTW, this is not a zombie episode. Did you just read part of the description? This is zombies - zombie apocalypse. Actually, it might be best to split off the apocalypse episodes from this.
03:27:13 PM Sep 21st 2010
Incidentally, link to Trope Repair Shop since I forgot the notification doesn't work on ptitles.
08:04:24 AM Apr 19th 2010
Oookay, there's two index links at the bottom that appear only when you're in the page editor. How come?
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