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06:03:06 AM Apr 18th 2014
Hi Tropers. Just want to apologize for the damage done to this article. There appeared to be a separate page titled "Everythings Better With L Lamas" replicating the same content. That's what I was trying to turn into a redirect. Somehow that page disappeared and I wound up creating a Circular Redirect. I'll be working today, tonight, tomorrow however long it takes to restore the original.
03:01:08 PM Apr 18th 2014
I've rolled your edit back.

The issue is that you ran afoul of The Problem with Pen Island: Everythings Better With L Lamas and Everythings Better With Llamas are the same page.
12:52:21 PM Apr 19th 2014
Thank you for the restore. I'll keep that issue in mind from now on.
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