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11:22:51 AM Apr 19th 2011
Shouldnt Games based on the Bible just be under video games? Or is it just getting too long to bother?
06:24:19 PM Jan 12th 2011
"Octopodes" is incredibly pedantic. It needs to be changed as to not accidentally fool any reader willing to learn more Latin into thinking that this is either correct or witty.

To clarify, the feet of an "eight foot" are not pluralized, the creature (whose name happens to mean "eight foot") are being pluralized, in a way, the word is now English, and not subject to Latin declension, let alone, a fragment of the name.

It's octopuses.
05:15:05 AM Oct 7th 2011
Octopodes is a correct way of saying 'more than one octopus.' So is octopuses. Octopi is also correct, even though you didn't mention it. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong.
09:46:58 PM Dec 24th 2010
edited by Reddman
Is the Australia section a joke or do you really believe that Australia is a death trap? Just wondering.
02:07:39 PM Feb 2nd 2011
Ha ha ha! We have our own category!!!
04:25:17 PM Feb 8th 2011
Well, I separated it because the section was getting too long, and it got a Made of Win via my fellow tropers, so...
05:15:49 AM Oct 7th 2011
What made me laugh is that the Australia section is actually longer than the Rest of the World section.
10:26:08 PM Oct 9th 2012
Well, I have two friends in different parts of Aussie, and they've said the only creature that hasn't been proven to have killed anything is a marsupial mouse. Double Emphasis on the proven.
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