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02:41:52 PM May 3rd 2014
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It's been a while, but I'm not entirely sure about this:

  • Due to the nature of a dragons mating flights and the fact that over 50% of the dragon population are females that mostly take male riders, it's implied that at least 80-90% of dragonriders in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series are at least bisexual. Only Gold riders (1%) and Bronzeriders (5%) are exclusively heterosexual.

My recollection is that eating firestone made green dragons (the non-gold females) infertile, hence no mating flights. ICBW.
12:38:51 PM Feb 17th 2014
The suggestion that slash is frowned upon in most fandoms, expressed in the fanfiction section as a subparagraph under My Little Pony, is laughable. Most fandoms are *dominated* by slash. The main difference between MLP fandom and others is the high prevalence of female/female slash, caused by the high number of female characters in the canon as opposed to male, and also the high number of male fans. However, most fandoms, where the majority of the characters are male and the majority of the fanfic writers are female, are dominated by male/male slash pairings, or at the least the slash pairings are considered as important as the heterosexual ones. I believe this paragraph should be removed for being misleading.
02:52:42 PM Feb 3rd 2014
From the description:

"Curiously, this is not all that different from how homosexual characters have been treated. "Educational" films like Sid Davis's Boys Beware (1961) suggest that homosexuals are all child molesters, and even modern gay men are often portrayed as willing to sleep with any and all consenting males (although this is probably due to the belief that A Man Is Always Eager and All Men Are Perverts, since straight men are almost always portrayed as willing to sleep with any and all consenting females)."

Is any of this particularly relevant to this trope? It seems like an excessively long sidetrack, when the information might be better placed on one of the other tropes mentioned.
03:34:47 PM May 22nd 2012
I basically agree with the Kinsey scale theory. And yes I am a Fundamentalist Christian saying that, shocking ain't it.
08:40:34 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Depends on who you are talking to, I suppose.

Last time I asked a priest about it, his response was that the Roman Catholic church aknowledges that people can feel attraction to the same gender, but that the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman , and that non-reproductive sex is pointless. So basically, they don't condemn some one for BEING gay, but if you act on those feelings you've basically given in to temptation. I think.

I simplified a bit, and I'm not an expert on church doctrine; I don't want to start a fight.
04:20:26 PM Dec 21st 2011
Speaking of real life examples, this study from the new york times might be considered a notable supplement to the last given example on the main "everyone is bi" page: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/magazine/25desire-t.html

I'm new (don't even know how to hyperlink) and a poor writer so it would be best if someone else adds this in my stead.
11:22:28 PM Aug 26th 2011
Might be worth adding Freud's theory of polymorphous perversity in the Real Life section.
10:51:20 PM May 1st 2011
I think it might be worth noting that the "Sweet Kiss" ability in pokemon causes confusion. Works the same on both genders but if you assume everyone is /not/ by in the pokemon world, then the confusion makes more sense.
02:17:58 PM Mar 15th 2011
What do you mean Jack is just a face and a caption he flirts with everybody....and I mean it.
09:30:15 AM Apr 10th 2011
(assuming you mean Capt. Harkness) Even anonymous extras in a time period that where people would freak out at the sight of such behavior! :D
02:51:25 PM Feb 3rd 2014
But you need to have seen the show to know that. Seeing a picture of his face will not mean anything to someone who hasn't seen Torchwood or Dr. Who, so it doesn't work as an illustration of the trope. That's the logic behind rejecting Just a Face and a Caption pictures.