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04:24:38 AM Mar 11th 2014
Requesting title change. 'Hermaphrodite' is an outdated term, bordering on an offensive slur nowadays. Consider 'Intersexual' for future use. I also agree with Lemily33 that this whole page needs revising or a serious reboot.
06:49:59 AM Mar 11th 2014
I've never heard of "hermaphrodite" being outdated, much less of it being a slur. You might want to propose it in the Trope Repair Shop, although it's not likely that this request will be granted.
11:56:51 AM Aug 27th 2013
This trope and its examples are bordering on transphobic. The whole article also seems to conflate gender with sexuality. Can something be done about this?
09:42:24 AM Oct 3rd 2012
I was wondering... Aren't hermaphrodites sexy because we're almost all bisexual to a degree and since futas are both male and females, well, they can cater to both this side while giving us the ability to deny (to other or to ourselves) our attraction to the same sex?
12:54:35 AM May 10th 2013
Short answer-no. This is a very complex topic and its not that simple. Regardless, this isn't the place for that.