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02:25:39 PM Jan 12th 2015
Removed as technically off-topic (this isn't Almost Everybody Lives):
  • In 1993, Australian comedian/talk show host Andrew Denton devoted an episode of his show The Money or the Gun to interviewing 12 teenage cancer sufferers. In the 10 years between this and their reunion on his serious talk show Enough Rope, only one of them had died. While not everybody lived, it's still an incredible survival rate under the circumstances and a literally life-affirming story.
05:34:45 AM Jun 17th 2014
"In a game where you have units that can be killed, achieving this trope is known as a No Casualties Run."

I contest. Every Body Lives happens when not a single character gets killed not just "all the good guys live". In most of video games, you have to kill your ennemies. Unless I miss something in the definition?
08:48:39 AM Mar 14th 2012
Pulled Natter from Inception: A lot of the Gundam examples seem dubious.
05:43:54 AM Apr 29th 2010
Pulled "Androids of Tara"; Madam Lania gets hit by a crossbow.
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