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11:00:29 AM Jul 31st 2016
The first time Marry Cooper visits on Big Bang Theory, she assumes Leonard and Penny. They laugh while saying no. Mary: "Did I touch a nerve there?" Howard: "Oh yeah"
01:25:18 PM Jul 22nd 2012
I haven't seen the entirety of classic Doctor Who yet, so can someone tell me whether Harry/Sarah Jane and Doctor/Romana actually qualify? That is, does anybody point out that they would make a good couple, or did somebody misunderstand the trope?
02:26:25 AM Jun 14th 2012
So, no one got rid of the Natter in the Star Wars part of the Film folder until now because? I mean, it literally didn't have anything to do with this trope and was just the guy being an asshole for apparently being offended by what was written there for some reason.
03:15:57 PM Apr 3rd 2012
Removed Avatar: The Last Airbender entry from the Western Animation section. Aang and Katara's relationship fits under many tropes (Will They or Won't They?, Selective Obliviousness [Katara towards Aang's obvious crush], etc.) But to qualify for this trope, doesn't a point have to be made by other characters about the couple's obvious feelings? The only person who really talks about it is Aang himself. Outside of some foreshadowing in Season 1, Katara doesn't see Aang as more than a friend until late LATE into Season 3. And only after Aang confessed his feelings to her.

If anything, this trope fits more under Strangled by the Red String, given the lack of any romantic feelings on Katara's part until the last few episodes.
10:53:13 AM Jul 19th 2011
Has anyone ever noted the double standard in situations like this? If you're against someone's love because you claim you know better whether they're in love, whether a parental marriage veto or rejection of a type of sexuality, or whatever.. you're wrong.. but if you insist someone IS in love when they say they're not, it's the denier that's wrong.
05:33:38 AM Jan 23rd 2017
So basically An Aesop here is: If you believe the love is real, you're right.
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