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10:46:34 AM Jul 28th 2014
Roguelike Dungeon Minder can be a good example of well designed escort mission. The whole game is an escort mission, yet not so disappointing even despite too-dumb-to-live target.
01:45:21 PM Feb 7th 2012
Why did someone delete the non-video-game examples without any explanation or justification? What reason is there for assuming that this can only be a game trope?
07:50:11 AM Nov 2nd 2010
...Wait, what the hell does exceptions mean? The stuff in that category still fits the definition of "Escort Mission".
09:57:05 AM Feb 5th 2012
I think it is meant to refer to escort missions that are exceptions to the rule that escort missions are horrible.
01:17:09 AM May 3rd 2015
Whose bright idea was to categorize examples based on how they supposedly annoy players? Tropes Are Tools, folks! Tropes Are Tools!
02:32:51 AM May 3rd 2015
Yeah, that is a weird split pattern. Might want to bring it up in the Trope Repair Shop.
10:36:52 PM Oct 12th 2010
I'd still love to have that sign X-Play made to accompany their 'We HATE Escort Missions' catchphrase at least's yellow, with a black crossed-circle with two people figures in it, one holding an umbrella over the other's head.
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