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04:09:07 AM Mar 10th 2014
So... In Januari this page was gutted by Whitecroc under the reasoning "we do not Trope real people".

This is wrong. What 'we' do not do is Trope real people as if they were fictional characters. I.e. We don't apply character Tropes to them. However, things like Auchinleck's Suspiciously Specific Denial ("I am not jealous of Rommel.") are allowed on real people pages.

So unless someone can give me a very good reason not to, I'll be adding back the non-character Tropes to Rommel's page over the course of the week.
05:15:10 AM Mar 10th 2014
I am not seeing how your examples are different from "Trope real people as if they were fictional characters", considering that the difference between "Real Life" and "Real Life people" seems questionable.

So I would oppose the readding.
10:59:32 AM Mar 10th 2014
Note that the original list of tropes for Rommel contained a lot of actual Character Tropes, which of course shouldn't be added back.

But there are a number of Tropes that aren't out of place on the page for Rommel. Such as the previously mentioned Suspiciously Specific Denial example and the fact that he was viewed as a Worthy Opponent by his counterparts on the Allied side. There's a lot more information deserving mention about the guy on a Useful Notes page than there currently is, wether in Trope example or text form.
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