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03:57:33 PM Jul 15th 2014
Amusing irony: the first companion of New Doctor Who, despite being an English woman named Rose, is not an English Rose.
04:38:11 PM Jun 23rd 2011
Why are all the examples here actresses who have played this trope, and not characters that fit it?
09:11:08 AM Jul 13th 2011
Well, the page is on the Actors index. Still, I agree — there seems to be some confusion around this trope. I keep seeing wordings like "this type of character is often also an English Rose" or (in this page's description) "An English Rose is a nostalgic idea of a beautiful young English lady. She is virtuous and possesses a certain type of modest beauty, and is portrayed by an actress of a certain type."
12:23:20 PM Nov 1st 2011
That's being discussed in the Trope Repair Shop now.
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