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09:53:12 AM Oct 24th 2015
Can we change the picture to something that's not depicting Muhammad? There's no need to alienate Muslim tropers this way.
02:31:33 AM Oct 25th 2015
I don't think so. We can't accomodate all people's preferences.
07:36:29 AM Nov 10th 2015
edited by leechy
Are you saying that it's far too much trouble to replace a single image to avoid an issue that's controversial to one of the world's largest religions?

Like I'm not asking you to change an image like "some people don't like pink so we shouldn't have a pink image" I'm saying this is kind of like an actual SACRILEGE to many Islamic people, and its something we can very easily amend. I'm not asking you to bend over backwards here.

I could understand this being part of a trope related to sacrilege, but this trope isn't on of them
12:34:51 AM Nov 11th 2015
The image is about the sacrilege aspect - it's the imaging that triggers the Enemy Mine reaction.
01:11:49 PM Nov 5th 2017

A lot of stuff is sacrilege to some religions. Do we need to accommodate them all?

Why? Why not?
07:55:22 AM Jan 21st 2015
Why is there a title like this? Is it a failed attempt to create a good name that accidentally became the actual title? Is it a reference to the film Enemy Mine? or was someone just drunk?
09:05:03 AM Jan 21st 2015
It's explained right in the first paragraph of the description.
10:16:59 AM Jan 21st 2015
It's horrendously awkward, I must say. I can't believe no one could come up with a cleaner version of it, honestly.
11:38:21 AM Nov 5th 2017
It isn't explained at all. It mentions a supposedly shorter version of a Sanskrit proverb, but said shorter version isn't used at all out of this wiki, as opposed to the redirect "enemy of my enemy", which is actually used all the time.
09:44:14 PM Oct 15th 2012
I can't remember it well enough to add it, but there's a bit in one of the Revenge of the Nerds movies where the jocks and the nerds get together.. the jock says "When it's us against you, fuck you, when it's us against them, fuck them." if someone with a better memory wants to add it.
07:00:36 PM May 9th 2011
edited by Confession0791
Could this trope apply to shipping? I've added it [ here].
09:44:18 PM Oct 13th 2010
Okay, someone want to explain how Start of Darkness is the Trope Namer here?
05:30:26 PM Dec 13th 2010
It's not, the movie Enemy Mine is. I've removed the claim.
09:55:42 AM Sep 28th 2010
Added a little more to the caption to avoid Just a Face and a Caption (yes I know it's more than one face, but it still lacks context).
10:54:11 PM May 6th 2011
It completely lacks context. The whole point of Just a Face and a Caption is that the images shouldn't need captions to make sense; not knowing the show, these could be the main cast.
08:52:59 PM Aug 9th 2010
I don't get it. How does "the enemy of my enemy" get shortened to "enemy mine"?
10:25:42 PM Aug 9th 2010
I'm not sure either. There are trope titles that are longer than "Enemy Of My Enemy", which would make more sense.

This probably doesn't have anything to do with anything, but when looking at the trope title I noticed that it's almost a palindrome.
12:28:38 PM May 17th 2010
I really have absolty no clue what the text under the image means. Anyone want to translate?
09:41:59 PM Oct 13th 2010
...To what? It makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps you should be more specific...
11:25:48 AM Jun 30th 2011
So when do we get to see the playing with section for this trope? I'd like to see the justification cases listed, as well as the Up To Eleven scenario being played on.
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