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04:55:47 AM Mar 13th 2015
hey, guys. i'm having a tough time remembering something i read sometime ago, specifically a certain trope. i have forgotten exactly what it's name is, but damn it's about an ending where the protagonist, after all the hardships and friendships and experiences they gained in their journey, they became victorious, although they are treated with an ending so empty, they become bored out of their skulls for an indefinite amount of time. i really don't think it's Downer Ending, although since i've really forgotten the name, it could be it.

but if anyone can raise an answer, then please help me ease my mind. i can't sleep about it!
07:39:15 PM Jul 27th 2010
Is there a page for the Full Circle, for example, where the ending ends with the character writing the book you are currently reading, down to the first line being used?
04:19:30 AM Oct 6th 2010
Maybe a combination of I Should Write a Book About This and Book Ends. Not sure if something specific exists, I can think of one example, Isabel Allende's House of Spirits.
04:48:44 PM Dec 22nd 2016
Guys, is there an ending where you know, it's a happy ending but ultimately the happy ending is totally contrived? Like, it's obvious that the hero is not going to get together with his true love even though the world is saved... and then at the end, HE DOES. It's not explained how he does, it's just so that nobody loses on a happy ending, and it feels really kind of condescending, as if the writers feel like our minds are just too delicate to handle a non-happy ending.

If not, I'd call it the Contrived Happy Ending".

Like Ice Age 5, Sid wasn't going to get together with Brooke after all. They saved the world, they loved each other, but Brooke was old because they'd lost all the crystals and they had to split up... except in the end she just came right back, and was young and beautiful again.With no explanation except that clearly we can't handle anything less than a full on happy for all ending.
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