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01:34:02 PM Aug 13th 2011
There are a lot of examples on this page which don't fit. Formatting is used for reasons other than emphasis, so a work with a lot of formatting does not automatically qualify for this trope, such as writers who use italics to indicate that a character is expressing private thoughts and only the narration—and the reader—is privy to them.
01:47:13 PM Jul 13th 2011
edited by David7204
Emphasis is writing is obvious, but what about visuals? I was slightly put-off to see Lord of the Rings as an example under film. I thought the cinematography and set pieces were brilliant, and I'm speaking as someone who hasn't read the books. I would think that the vast majority of viewers like it very much when directors and game developers work hard to make their worlds stunning and visually appealing.

So long as there isn't a choir of angels or something singing in the background whenever a new scene is introduced, beautiful settings are awesome, and shouldn't be plopped unceremoniously into a "bad writing" page.

Bioshock comes off to me as a much better example of an over-emphasized setting, what with the entire city filled with bodies, messages on the walls, and crazy people. For hours on end. After the creepiness wears off in about 5 minutes.

09:58:22 AM Jan 6th 2016
Agreed. This is a printed media trope; visual/audio examples shouldn't be here.
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