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10:59:35 AM Apr 24th 2014
I pulled this:

  • Elseworlds itself had been gone for years (as it didn't jibe with the then-current canon of there being-no-multiverse-at-all-really). The first hint that the Multiverse might be back actually occurred when one of the Infinite Holiday stories ended with Superman punching Batman in the face for being Santa Claus (It's a fun story) with the last panel having an "Elseworlds" logo on it. It wasn't until months later they confirmed the 52. A new "Elseworlds" showed up in autumn 2010, "The Last Family of Krypton".

Elseworlds only existed in the no-multiverse at all period, and the explanation - such as it was - was that they weren't parallel universes at all, they were just stories that didn't fit in continuity.

During the period when there were no stories labelled "Elseworlds", the buzzword at DC was Hypertime, which said that all the Elseworlds were parallel universes (sort of). In the 52 Multiverse, only some of them are (because there are more Elseworlds than universes, and some of them are doing other things like "Crime Syndicate" and "Charlton characters, but they're kind of Watchmen versions").

If your head isn't hurting yet, consider that Hypertime was loosely defined enough that the 52 world multiverse could itself be considered part of it...
11:42:00 PM Apr 3rd 2013
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Wouldn't like every episode of Looney Tunes qualify as this, or would that be some other trope?
11:00:12 AM Apr 24th 2014