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09:27:13 AM May 16th 2014
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In the elder scrolls online quest god of schemes, the final fight gives you a blessing of Akatosh as part of a heroic sacrifice by one of the five companions (except Tharn) so that you can make it through the waves of minions and actually be able to fight Molag Bal instead of being target practice for Molag Bal.
07:56:30 PM Mar 6th 2014
  • In Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, Godzilla gains becomes a super monster in a new form officially called Burning Godzilla for the last film of the second Godzilla series, which hasn't been seen in a film before or since. Unfortunately, this is slowly killing him by breaking down his heart and could make his energy rise in temperature till it's hot enough to burn the planet's atmosphere even after he's already dead if not stopped, so this also counts as Super-Power Meltdown.
    • Indeed, it's only the massive gain in power he gets from this meltdown in the last few minutes that allows him to cripple Destoroyah, who until that point had been thrashing Godzilla pretty soundly. A sort of second Eleventh Hour Superpower in itself. It's actually the Japanese Defense Force, however, that delivers the death blow to the severely injured and fleeing monster.

Could someone familiar with the work please repair this entry? I've read it four times and I can't make sense of what it's trying to say.
10:56:55 PM Mar 26th 2017
Let me try:

In Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, the final movie of the Heisei Saga, Godzilla begins the movie in a super form officially called Burning Godzilla. He is extremely powerful in this form, and the human characters spend the movie trying to cool him down before he overheats and explodes or melts. Taken even further at the climax of the film — Godzilla does overheat and melt down, but not before getting a massive boost in power that allows him to critically injure Destoroyah.
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