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09:09:24 PM Dec 17th 2017
Is there any actual source for those 12 Norse elements? Because I can't find anything on them except for other people trying to find a source for them.
01:28:37 AM May 25th 2017
Suggestion: since Mud counts as its own element now, I think Sand can be added as its own element too?
07:26:01 AM Jun 6th 2017
A character in Naruto uses it and its an element in Bionicle, so I don't see why not.
02:50:17 PM Mar 4th 2017
edited by 123
Is speed an element?
07:25:14 AM Jun 6th 2017
Naruto has "Swift Release", which is basically that. To count it should be treated as an element instead of just a random superpower, so The Flash wouldn't count.
02:46:22 PM Mar 4th 2017
edited by 123
What's makes an Elemental Power an element?
11:53:34 AM Feb 23rd 2017
Since when has "Psychic" and "Illusion" been commonly used as an element? Really everything on the list is fine besides that, but I can't name a series that uses Psychic as an element besides Pokemon and neither can I name any series which uses Illusion as an element..
07:23:16 AM Jun 6th 2017
Bionicle has "Psionics".
02:50:49 PM Dec 28th 2016
I removed this bit from the description, since it is already quite in-depth and doesn't need further bloating.

Actually, the Western interpretations are ultimately analogous to a different scientific concept: the phases of matter. This Conceptual Reconstruction requires that you either count plasma as a fourth phase (as opposed to being a subset of gas) or correspond fire to energy, particularly the heat energy that moves matter from one state to another. Adding Vacuum, which is the lack of matter, produces the Japanese interpretation.

Another possible modern interpretation, combining the different elemental traditions, can be based on the structure of substances on an atomic level. Earth is ceramics (sand, rocks, pottery, salt). Metal is, well, metal. Water is (small) molecular substances (a weak link, because while some of these substances like water itself and alcohol are fluid at room temperature and standard pressure others are gases like carbon dioxide or solids like aspirin). Wood is polymers (including lignin and cellulose which make up wood, as well as enzymes and DNA, and of course rubber and modern plastics). Air is molecules consisting of a single element (N2 and O2 are by far the most important ingredients of our atmosphere) and elements that occur in pure atomic form (noble gases). Fire could once again be plasma, ionized gas. Materials that can be classed as a glass unfortunately fall all over the place, in earth, wood or even water depending on what they're made of.

The analysis page might be suitable for it, if anyone feels strongly about it.
11:05:40 AM Jan 12th 2016
Okay, I'm fine with everything else on the page being qualified as an "element", but "Animals" and "Machines" really don't seem to qualify. Anyone else agrees that they should be removed from the list ?
01:19:45 AM Jan 13th 2016
These are fairly odd, yeah.
02:41:46 PM Jul 7th 2014
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Would Entropy and Chaos Magic, Psychic Powers, and Technopathy qualify as elemental powers?
03:55:04 PM Jul 7th 2014
edited by
I wouldn't think so, until you'd extend considerably the definition of "elemental".

Sure, those vary, there are often an Element Number Five added, but since no two works can agree on which it is, it can't be generalized. If a work, for example, use the old "etheric" concept as a fifth element, then psychic powers could fall into it, but only within said work.
11:30:27 PM Jul 7th 2014
Nah, Elemental Powers concerns itself with traditional elements mainly. These things aren't elements by most consideration.
10:20:20 PM Dec 24th 2013
It occurs to me that four renewable types of energy seem to correspond to the four elemental powers: Solar (Fire), Wind (Air), Hydroelectric (Water), and Geothermal (Earth).
02:08:03 PM Jan 2nd 2014
what about nuclear energy
09:37:25 AM Jul 1st 2014
The Sun is actually a very big nuclear reactor, albeit one that uses Hydrogen instead of Urranium. So Nuclear would (also) be part of Fire
11:01:28 AM Jul 1st 2014
No. Just... no.
11:31:35 AM Jul 1st 2014
Aye, very bad comparison. Nuclear is not a chemical reaction, hence not a fire.
05:38:36 PM Apr 1st 2013
Is there a trope where one uses Life itself to cause harm to other beings as well as to corrupt and kill the land as well?
07:51:53 PM Mar 20th 2013
Life should be connected with Death? Nature/Wood go together, but Life overlaps with Light, Nature, and Soul.

I think it should go with Death because a person who can give life can also take it away (depending on whether they are good or evil, the bringing back part can look like necromancy or resurrection, and the death part can be like smiting or something creepy). And we'd need a trope Life and Death (catchy, and it represents basically what the trope is about).
10:33:48 PM Aug 5th 2011
edited by Stoogebie
I once tried using the Chinese elements (earth, fire, water, wood, metal) but ended up using air instead of fire for whatever reason. I actually decided to make the "nobody got fire" thing into a running joke about how everyone wants fire, but no one was deemed responsible enough to control it. Also:
08:24:15 AM Jul 3rd 2011
Where did the colours go?
02:50:14 AM Jul 24th 2011
edited by Ryuuma
Yup, I was about to ask the same thing. And I disagree. First, the guy who edited them may not like them, but this doesn't mean that other people share his view. Second: he should have asked before changing it.
06:32:46 PM Jun 3rd 2011
edited by MagBas
The Pokémon character pages are using Wrestler in All of Us as an Elemental Power (And originally, used Charles Atlas Superpower) . Only to be sure: is this a misuse?
09:06:31 AM Jun 2nd 2011
edited by Stoogebie
Okay, so the list specifies which sorts of people use what elements most of the time, but I'm surprised that the Knife Nut isn't one candidate to use Extra-ore-dinary. If that's the case, then I'm apparently doing something different. (I mean that in a good way, of course!)
08:13:07 PM Apr 10th 2011
Aren't we overreaching the definition if the term "element" a little, especially for this page? I mean how the hell did "Season" and "Beast" get on there without complaint? Those aren't even close to be typical elements. Hell, I can just barely let Arcane, Poison, and Radiation slide.

When have stories take the concept so far? Besides the obvious of Pokemon using Poison I mean. everything else just seems like shoehorning to make everything an "element".
06:18:33 PM May 27th 2011
I just turned "Arcane" into "Energy". However, I think we need to get rid of Seasons and Beast.
07:08:01 PM Jun 4th 2011
I agree, Waxing Name, Beast needs to be removes, same with Season.
07:07:58 AM Nov 8th 2010
How dos one fight using seasons?
04:52:05 PM Dec 20th 2010
Well... my interpretation of it is some sort of weather control with a dash of whatever element is associated with the season that's happening then (like, nature for spring, heat for summer). But that's just me.
03:24:11 PM Aug 4th 2010
Why does everyone seem to assume that Soul Power is an inherently evil/dark power? Maybe this is my fault for describing it badly, but there's nothing evil about being able to talk to/summon spirits, which is really the base ability for it. Most of the times I've seen it, it's portrayed neutrally, honestly.

And it has nothing to do with darkness, so I don't get what is up with people linking to Dark Is Not Evil and Dark Is Evil for it. It can potentially overlap with darkness if it's an evil power, but it usually doesn't have a lot to do with darkness.
02:12:50 AM Aug 22nd 2010
I agree
10:28:19 PM Aug 5th 2011
I'm with you. Doesn't anyone remember Casper?
03:41:09 PM Jul 31st 2010
I think the Elaments are gitting out of hand.
02:08:03 AM Aug 22nd 2010
Still if you account for Soul being the opposite of Void in some works(see the webcomic Patchwork Heroes) every element has its opposite except paper. Maybe an ink element? Consider Naruto Shippuden.
02:42:28 AM Aug 22nd 2010
06:51:54 PM Jul 19th 2010
I would like to see explosions, or beast/creature as an element.
09:04:26 AM Jun 2nd 2011
I'd like to see heat as its own element. Is there one, or is it just listed as part of Playing with Fire?
12:27:15 AM Jun 18th 2011
Explosion might fit, now that Having a Blast is a trope and kind of fits as a subset of Fire, much like Ice is a subset of Water and Metal is a subset of Earth. Heat would be kind of good, but is there a trope for that?
02:48:37 PM Mar 4th 2017
Well, Mega Man uses explosions as an element.
02:05:06 AM Jul 12th 2010
I am honestly getting sick and tired of everyone and their dog yapping on about how "hahha fire isn't an element!". Earth, Air and Water are not elements either. (They might be a combination of elements, but not ones themselves)
09:03:31 AM Jun 2nd 2011
Yes, thank you. Earth itself is a vast combination of elements, water combines hydrogen and oxygen, and air (which is actually sometimes called wind) is not an element either. In fact, if you're going to call it "wind", it's definitely not an element, as wind is basically air'' but moving.
01:06:09 PM Jun 16th 2011
They're elements if the writers want them to be. simple as that. IT'S FICTION. REAL WORLD PHYSICS DO NOT NECESSARILY APPLY.
12:19:04 AM Jun 18th 2011
edited by RockTallBull
TARDISES. I think Jenx was refering to the passage on the page (that I just removed) saying that fire isn't an element because it is a chemical reaction, which is true, but by that logic, none of the classical elements are scientific elements. Water is a compound, fire is chemical reaction, and the other two are mixtures.

Stoogebie, I understand what you mean e.g. it would be weird to call call Earth "Shift"or Water "Flow", but you have to admit that the ability to create or destroy the movement of air is basically what all the people with this kind of power are all about. Would it still be unreasonable if the other elements were called Quake, Tide, and Blaze?

Come to think of it, I kind of like the sound of that...
06:25:15 PM Jul 29th 2011
edited by Kiefen
I have been thinking of this too and came too the conclusion that its more about controling a state of matter then the element themselves like: Earth = Solid; Water = Liquid; Wind = Gas; Fire/Ligthning = Plasma
08:38:23 AM Aug 2nd 2011
Rock Tall Bull, I think it would be rather cool if those elements were referred to as "Quake" "Tide" "Blaze" and "Shift". Or something. Maybe I should think of doing a story like that...
06:12:44 AM Jun 24th 2010
How come it's neve Earth Fire wind water Normal?
09:01:36 AM Jun 2nd 2011
I dunno. Maybe I'll use that idea...
05:14:27 AM Apr 21st 2010
I wonder how The Incredibles fare in elements.
08:49:23 AM Mar 26th 2010
Although I do recognize "Heart" as a common Elemental Power, The Heart article actually describes a personality trait. Something needs to be done.
12:19:19 PM May 9th 2010
Switching to The Power of Love
01:30:19 PM Aug 6th 2010
Power of Love is only one aspect of the "Heart" element. There's also Power of Friendship, and maybe Power of Trust. Maybe we should YKTTW Power Of The Heart?
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