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08:41:27 AM Dec 4th 2013
The "All Blue Entry" link in the opening isn't needed. If it weren't there, the entry -wouldn't- be all blue. And the page it links to specifically says "[p]lease don't do that". I'll leave this here for discussion and then come back in the distant future where I may or may not edit the entry myself.
10:28:04 AM Nov 22nd 2013
The Hobbit entry under the Film category doesn't belong here. The elven blades may be old but everyone uses swords (or other melee weapons) in "present day" Middle-earth.
03:57:10 PM Nov 24th 2012
Before someone edits my edit: automatic weapons were not used in the ACW for the most part, the primary weapons were muzzleloading rifles, both for musketry and cannons. The Gatling gun was expensive, unreliable, jam-prone, and hardly ever issues in significant numbers. The ACW was also fought by forces which lacked reconnaissance ability (little cavalry, little balloons) and didn't have anywhere near the means of ww1 european powers (this was before the US became a serious industrial power). A few trenches in Virginia also doesn't show anything of the scale seen in world war 1. The only serious close equivalent would be the Boer Wars.
08:57:18 AM Feb 3rd 2013
Can we lose the AK 47 bit? Not only is it a gun that`s still in heavy usage around the world but it`s no more elegant than any other gun. There`s also a really needless comment about the M16 being crap (Which is opinion, not fact). That`s just asking for an edit war
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