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08:22:54 PM Sep 8th 2014
Considering the way that this trope seems to attract a lot of Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, perhaps it would be better for us to simply define the term, and remove all of the examples.
11:32:51 PM Sep 8th 2014
Might want to do so. You'll have to propose it in the Trope Repair Shop though.
02:46:21 PM Jun 11th 2013
  • All of the characters in The Threepenny Opera an example of this. Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht did this intentionally, as not a single character is sympathetic in their motives, actions, or expressions. This was in part because it was a political commentary on capitalism and corruption. An example of tropes are not bad.

"Unsympathetic" is not the same as "unengaging". "I don't care for these people" versus "I don't care about these people." None of the characters in Goodfellas are sympathetic, but they're still interesting people whose inevitable downfall promises to be entertaining. Or in the last act of Hamlet, to pick something more highbrow.

As far as I understand it, this trope is universally bad. If you don't care what happens (be it either reward or punishment) to any of the characters, why bother continuing to follow the story?
04:49:44 PM May 17th 2013
Would in-universe examples count? Like a character who openly states that he doesn't care what happens to anyone?
02:38:47 PM Jun 11th 2013
No, it's an Audience Reactions trope. Whatever the characters think about each other, the audience should at the very least care what happens to some of them.
07:30:40 PM Feb 10th 2013
Cutting the Exalted example, as it reeks of complaining about games you don't like.
10:39:17 AM Sep 17th 2012
I saw Prometheus, and discovered that there weren't any characters that I cared about, and really didn't feel for any of the deaths that happened. Did anyone else feel this way? I want to make sure that other people felt like the characters were bland before adding Prometheus as an example.
11:15:20 PM Oct 1st 2012
edited by Gatordragon24
Should we really use this discussion page to complain about shows we don't like? We can't do it on the main page so why should we do it here?

And to answer your question, no I do not feel the same way as you do about the film. I liked it to be honest.
12:20:45 PM Jan 27th 2012
Congrats from the examples of this page. I was expecting a useless hate fest but almost all the examples have been careful restricted to things which are actually true or throw a bit of life on the subject
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