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06:15:33 PM Aug 31st 2014
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Yeh I added this:

  • Artistic License Economics: Downplayed, but the second video shows Hayek winning the brawl but then losing popularity with the general public, however even mainstream economics largly discredits the Austrian school and it's considered highly heterodox among economists even today, with most mainstream conservatives tending towards the Chicago school (which has Keynesian influence too). Of course one could argue that they're also saying that nearly all mainstream economists are wrong too.
  • Author Tract: Not as much in the first video, but the second video makes it very clear they side with Hayek. Note that this is somewhat odd as it would go against mainstream economics.

This was accused of being "editoralizing" even though it's all factually correct. The site is, from a mainstream econ point of view (even a right-leaning one), cranky as hell, and I even mentioned to be "fair" that they could be arguing that mainstream econ is incorrect as well. Their facebook page even goes into some Federal Reserve conspiracy theories. If these actual, verifiable facts are too "controversial" for whatever reason could it go under a YMMV page?
05:20:07 AM Nov 3rd 2014
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Its unneeded Natter. If you posted similar remarks in the YMMV section, which is there to handle audience reaction tropes, it would be more appropriate. The main page is for discussing the work itself. Note, I didn't touch your post about the Strawman Political.

Besides, the trope is called "Artistic License - Economics" which is about artists glossing over the economics for the sake of the story. Even if this work simplifies things (these are 8 to 10 minute videos so thats inevitable) it doesn't gloss over, it focuses on two real schools of economics.
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