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10:35:00 PM Oct 19th 2010

  • Gretzky Has the Ball: In real life a pitcher who could throw 100 mph with pinpoint control, as we see Kenny to be by the end of Season 1, wouldn't have much of a problem getting a big league job.
    • With known cocaine and steroid problems, and a habit of tossing around racial slurs on national television? Skilled or not, Kenny's a tainted product.
    • Hell, nebulous "personality concerns" have blackballed extremely talented athletes before - ask Rashad Mc Cants, who was dropped from the NBA for frowning.
      • 100 mph, pinpoint control. He'd get rehabilitated.

It's not certain that Kenny throws 100 mph fastballs with pinpoint control with every pitch. He only did that once, claiming the pinpoint control after the fact. When he's clocked in Mexico, he's throwing much slower.
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