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07:43:02 AM May 12th 2014
Why is Ultramar described as a "mini" Roman Empire? It contains a number of planets!
02:21:47 AM May 17th 2012
I think this should become a No Real Life Examples, Please!, like Dystopian Edict.
06:00:34 AM May 17th 2012
Take it to this thread.
06:17:58 AM Jun 9th 2012
Done, thanks.
10:58:27 PM Jan 10th 2011
This article sucks. I can't even tell if its supposed to be a trope, but the article doesn't describe a trope. It's just a not very thought out argument against the idea of a dystopia. I'm sorry to be so aggressive but to me this article just seems like someone felt very uncomfortable with the idea of a dystopia so they wrote this toss-off about how the idea is just stupid. It doesn't make a good case at all, and like I said, its not a trope. If you want a trope to describe deconstructions of dystopia, actually write about that, don't write a stupid argument that makes huge blanket statements with nothing to back them up. Also, the writing is terrible. It's clear that the writer(s) was trying to sound very intelligent (otherwise why would we buy their blanket statements about why dystopia is dumb) but it uses phrases like "the huge majority" and throws in pointless italics. Oh, and those words at the beginning aren't a quote from anyone. i don't know why thy're in italics.
06:02:20 PM Jul 11th 2011
While I agree that this page could use some focus and revision, I must point out that "The huge majority" is a valid phrase. For sake of argument, let's assume that there are two groups, group A, and group B. Combined they have 100 people.

In one case, group A has 98 people and group B has only 2 people, a vast majority (note that huge is a valid synonym for vast in this context) of the people are in group A.

In another case, group A has 51 people while group B has 49 people. Group A is still the majority, but it has the slimmest majority possible given the premise.

In short, I'm not sure what your issue here is. If you think it's redundant, it's clearly not, and unless you object to the word huge, which is perfectly valid English, I don't see any other possible issue with the phrase.
02:12:13 AM Jun 9th 2012
edited by Belfagor
I agree, this article/trope/whatever really sucks. Since the Real Life section is a natterfest, I've asked for its removal.
10:15:07 AM Jul 13th 2012
edited by VVK
So is this about deconstructed dystopias or not? Some parts sound like it is, others don't. It should be, because complaining about the author not thinking of something in constructing a dystopia indeed isn't a trope.
01:45:48 PM Jul 7th 2010
"Any Dystopia allowed to be more than a Straw Dystopia allowed contact with human nature as it is will go wrong (by the founder's standards) in ways that are often spectacular."

Just out of interest are these words a quote from someone?
05:56:41 PM Jul 11th 2011
No, some other pages have a similar sort of one-line summary in italics, see Occam's Razor, Finagle's Law
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