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12:57:37 AM Aug 11th 2011
Could we change the picture? It's kinda freaky... The picture from Monster would be better... Yeah, it's way too freaky for me...
05:37:26 AM Nov 13th 2010
edited by MoCellMan
In case anyone feels like chipping in to maintain this page, it is alphabetized by actor, with the actor's name coming first in each entry. For the occasional work where many people changed their look for it, those come at the end of the list and are alphabetized by work (example Star Wars). Entries shouldn't reference each other in ways like "likewise", because those no longer work once new entries separate them - example:
  • Alice did this.
  • Bob did this too.

Once someone adds:
  • Alice did this.
  • Amy did that.
  • Bob did this too.

Now it's broken. The original point of the alphabetizing was to cut down on the large number of duplicate entries as people did not see that one was already listed, and to make it easy to merge multiple entries for the same actor under a single bullet point (as in Keanu Reeves' entry, which was once three different entries in different places on the page), and the page has become a lot more readable.
10:29:00 AM Mar 5th 2010
Dyeing for Your Art is a one-off thing. Dye Hard is more permanent.
10:26:47 AM Mar 5th 2010
Shouldn't this page be titled "Dying for Your Art"? Honestly now, grammatically speaking, what's the difference between "Dyeing for Your Art" and "Dye Hard"? They're technically both referring to the same thing.
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