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07:29:48 PM Dec 10th 2010
Splitting or Sub Pages.

The work page has become rather bloated with tropes and examples.

A suggestion in the dwarf fortress thread to separate it into three separate sections detailing Adventure Mode, Fortress Mode, and a general page. Thoughts and feelings?

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08:56:07 PM Dec 10th 2010
I personally dislike bloated pages with passion but I don't think it's *that* big.

Separating adventure and fortress mode from the main page would cause needless confusion and double entries, especially because there's lots of overlapping between them (and even more in the future).

It still needs some work. My suggestion is to tweak current entries and cut pointless branches and natter.
08:43:12 AM Sep 27th 2010
I've noticed that "Stop Having Fun" Guys has bounced on and off the entry a few times. It does seem to be notable that, for a game with this dedicated a fan base, you never really see these guys. There are plenty of opportunities too: adventure vs. fortress mode, using tile sets or not, mods or no, what kinds of mods are "acceptable" etc... Except for a very occasional outburst of "tile sets suck" on the forums nearly everyone is universally helpful to everyone else, and especially accepting of newbies.

But is the lack of such folk interesting enough for an entry or is it that us fans just aren't jerks? Judging from the way it comes and goes it seems like there is some debate.

06:37:10 AM Nov 5th 2010
The thing about Dwarf Fortress culture is that doing things the "wrong" way is actually celebrated. Sure you can just seize goods from traders if you want to make war with them, but setting them up in a magma trap that automatically activates in their presence via a set of pressure plates and mechanisms set to detect wagons and when the last wagon has passed, would be celebrated as a good thing, despite being several orders of magnitude more difficult.
10:22:01 AM Nov 12th 2010
The addition of the Broken Base as an aversion seems to cover this pretty well now.
09:02:33 PM Sep 22nd 2010
We need to make an entry for the story of Nist Akath...
11:10:55 AM Aug 27th 2010
Why isn't Tarn Adams Crazy Awesome?
03:03:26 PM Aug 27th 2010
"On average, every other action the Crazy Awesome does is cool, awesome, and/or funny, over-the-top, or a combination thereof."

Tarn is a devoted game designer/programmer with a good sense of humor and few interesting quirks. He has created a crazy and awesome game(s) but seems to be a relatively normal human being.
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