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03:50:01 PM Jul 8th 2016
In the real life examples, I dont know if the A bombs count. Overall, basic (fire)bombing of cities was well underway and more devastating than the two nukes. The nukes mostly served to demonstrate US power to Russia.

Also, I've seen documentaries claiming that the Japanese collapsed because of Russia taking all the land they had taken on the mainland. A lot of Japanese were taken prisoner, along with a lot of army material. I've read claims that US knocked out the Japanse Navy and the Russians knocked out the Japanse Army, leaving it with nothing to defend it's homeland with.

Though, of course, the surrender, for whatever reason, did allow thousands and thousands of troops to go home instead of having to fight and die to take the Japanese mainland.

I'm just not sure if we can put all the credit for the surrender on the A bombs, that's all.
05:21:45 PM Dec 28th 2014
Brought this in for discussion, wall of natter and I'm unfamiliar with the game.

  • In TOME, another roguelike, you can get a spell that can remove walls in all unblocked directions at once (with any class) as a result of a lost sword quest. Or make walls in all unblocked directions for when you want to wall in every annoying critter (breeders and stuff that summons greater dragons recursively come to mind) that saw you as a result of the first spell, and then pickaxe yourself a path around them. It's quite random to get either spell, but you usually get a few super powerful spells along the way.
    • Some of which are tremendously useful in desintegrating every item that isn't strongly magic with ego magic or artifact, saving you a hell of a lot of manual sorting.
    • Since there are quite a few things you'd want to store for later, the rod of home coming (cast in a town inside a dungeon where there ISN'T normally a home to claim) qualifies as a shortcut of epic proportions saving several hideously long walks back and forth for alchemists for instance. So you can store those greater dragon corpses without having to carry 'em 68 or so floors up while your speed drops to 5% of what it used to be...
    • And if you really want to kill all your enemies in one go and be unequalled in the world until the end of times, wear the one ring. Traps of ring swapping will help you make that choice sometimes...
    • And also has the nickname "Die for Victory" as the tactic generally kills characters very quickly. The benefit is largely that you'll go through so many characters that eventually you'll get lucky and end up with a somewhat stable setup.
    • "Every wall" is a bit of an exaggeration; there are a few special levels where the walls and/or floors are undiggable.
09:15:22 PM Aug 15th 2010
Why is there an 'ar' at the end? Is it some sort of strange inside joke? An editing error? Does this trope moonlight as a pirate? If so, it needs a boat, eyepatch, and silly hat.
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