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09:03:21 AM Apr 27th 2016
Would this trope be listed on the main page of a work, or on its YMMV page?
10:24:52 AM Apr 27th 2016
03:50:37 AM Dec 22nd 2015
The entry for the Battle Royale manga includes a moment of Griffen's English version stating or indicating that Kiriyama was colorblind due to his brain damage (yet mentioning red blood from his victims). I think that's wrong, that the text saying that 'everything was gray' to Kiriyama was more a symbolic way of seeing the world - not that he was actually incapable of seeing any color. Or did the manga outright state that Kiriyama was colorblind?
12:18:09 AM Dec 10th 2015
  • Minor example: the Russian dub of Avatar: The Last Airbender uses the word "magic" instead of "bending". Water magic, fire magic, etc. So Katara's Insistent Terminology line of dialogue to Sokka in the first episode "It's not magic, it's waterbending" was instead rendered as "it's not simple sorcery, but water magic".

How exacly is that a plot hole? I haven't seen Avatar, or russian dub of it but i do know a bit about languages(although i'm not expert linguist in any way) and as far as i know russian word for "sorcery" carries a subtle but present negative sounding to it, when simple "magic" does not, so from this alone it seems that Katara's Insistent Terminology still makes sense.
09:01:35 PM Aug 7th 2012
I guess this isn't a plot hole, because they took out the scene in the end of one Sonic X episode of Shadow standing by a grave, but there's got to be a term for taking out a tragic kamikaze attack and making fans think a beloved female love interest survived.
06:52:57 AM Aug 8th 2012
I think that's way too specific to be a trope in itself.
08:19:04 PM Jun 17th 2010
  • The Skinners/Tanzarian thing is actually a Continuity Nod to in universe Discontinualty.

Exactly, except not at all. Lisa is calling Skinner "Tanzarian" as a snide reference to "The Principal and the Pauper." The dub changed "Tanzarian" to "Barreda" in "TP&tP" but left it as "Tanzarian" when the topic came up again. Textbook example of the trope.
06:07:43 PM Apr 10th 2011
FFS, people. Stop putting changes that are just minor translation messups in this list. A "dub induced plot hole" occurs when THE PLOT gets messed up due to a translation. Not when someone censors dead people out of episode x, or changes the name of someone to something more local. It most certainly does not occur when the translators recognize what they're doing and hand wave or offer an explanation, as this FILLS THE HOLE IN THE PLOT. A plot hole refers to THE PLOT, not translation differences between one language or another, or when something is censored out of an episode showing in one time slot but left intact in a later one.
09:44:06 PM Apr 19th 2011
^Agreed when will people get that theres a diference between the plot being messed up and the dub writers simply deviating from the original script.
08:24:22 PM Jul 7th 2011
Erm... the "Plot Hole" part of the title was part of a forced change of title by someone overreacting to Fan Myopia, and doesn't properly describe the trope.

It's not necessarily a plot hole in any major sense, but rather any scene that no longer makes sense or flows properly with the plot due to the choices made in translation.

The quote and original Trope Namer were an instance of dialogue that no longer made sense — namely, they changed it from Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion... so when Usagi encountered a Mamoru brainwashed into an evil Prince Endymion, he doesn't recognize the names Usagi or Mamoru. In the English Dub, they renamed Usagi and Mamoru to Serena and Darien... and also Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion to Princess Serena and Prince Darien. However, they kept the scene where he doesn't recognize the names of their current incarnations, even now that the only difference between the two names was the presence of of the words "Princess" and "Prince".

The trope was literally made for that sort of thing, not just gaping, all-destroying plot-holes. The "clean-up" was actually missing the point of the trope and destructive.
07:26:41 AM Jul 8th 2011
"gaping, all destroying" is not the definition of a plot hole. The situation you described is a plot hole. A minor one, perhaps, that would've been fixed by removing that scene, but a plot hole nonetheless.
12:29:16 PM Jul 11th 2011
edited by Nezumi
The problem being that Fidsah, when they edited it, removed anything that wasn't a "gaping, all destroying" plot hole as not affecting the plot sufficiently. Scenes no longer making a lick of sense but not affecting the overall narrative, just like that plot hole? Gone. Someone's since reinstated virtually everything they removed that actually was a valid example, but it was a virtual wasteland not too long ago.
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