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02:10:56 AM Nov 9th 2015
This troper, who used to hang out with SCA members as well as LAR Ping, can tell you two things about dual-wielding: first, it's not that hard to get the hang of, and the penalties in RP Gs such as D&D are greatly exaggerated. (I would impose a -1/-2 to hit rather than -2/-4, or no penalty with either Dual Wield proficiency or Ambidextrous merit. Note that I'm right-handed IRL, not ambidextrous, and dual-wielding is my preferred swordfighting style). And second, Giacomo di Grassi (mentioned under "Real Life") is half-right: if you use a smaller and lighter weapon in your off-hand (e.g. katana and wakizashi, rapier and main gauche or smallsword, etc.) or two smaller weapons (paired ninja-to or daggers, for example), it's not that hard if you practice a decent amount. As for twin katana, paired rapiers, etc., unless you're both really strong and fairly well-coordinated, he's right about having to be ambidextrous.

Also, dual-wielding takes a LOT of stamina and speed. Mighty Glaciers need not apply.
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