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02:59:29 PM May 27th 2015
Germany's most famous let's player Gronkh sometimes tells stories about drinking milk when referring to alcohol consumption, whole milk being booze, and Nesquik being mixed drinks. Is this worth mentioning here and if so, how and where ?
11:24:59 PM Jul 30th 2013
"There's a film about a kung fu fighting toddler who gets drunk on milk."

Does anyone know the name of this film?
09:02:54 AM Sep 25th 2012
Wouldn't the current image fit Fake High better? The kids seem to think they're drinking wine/champagne while the parents are amused by the fact that they just gave them non-alcoholic grape juice.
07:07:31 PM Nov 9th 2011
Original YKTTW.
09:24:47 PM Sep 21st 2010
  • I think Obelix from Astérix drowned his sorrows in goat's milk, though the TV Tropes page disagrees. In this case, I assume that drinking goat's milk isn't an attempt at avoiding censorship, but being accurate to the genre and audience.
    • He did, once, in Asterix And Caesar's Gift. Not too frequent, though—there's your answer, in any case.
    • People do drink actual alcohol in Asterix - Obelix is just a bit more childish than most.
      • In Asterix in Britain Obelix is shown being disgusted by warm beer. He started off eagerly enough, implying some experience with the beverage as served in continental Europe...

I can't fix the natter in that without being familiar with Asterix.
08:06:39 AM Sep 9th 2011
This stuff is hard to fix, but one has to know that Obelix Can't Hold His Liquor. In Asterix in Britain, Asterix tells Anticlimax that Obelix usually only drinks Goat milk, so wine has a terrible effect on him (well, he also likes beer, but beer in France has about one third of the alcohol level wine has).
03:36:06 PM Mar 30th 2010
I should add that malt is a way to make beer, so the name does hit some Fridge Logic.
06:12:48 PM Mar 30th 2010
Oops... I thought malts were only of the ice cream variety. Sorry. Well, the trope is fresh minted, the name could be changed to something with less potential ambiguity.
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