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08:20:49 AM Aug 11th 2017
edited by isolato
Ad The Great Gatsby'': Actually the only character who is bothered with responsible driving is Nick Carraway (at least he claims so) - it's a metaphor for The Roaring '20s in general, not a jab at Women Drivers.
08:08:12 PM Jul 10th 2017
Where did all these Real Life-examples go? Did Google force you to remove them, too??
07:25:32 PM Jun 16th 2017
edited by Maddoxsort
Any luck on finding the source for the current image? Not important that we find it right now, just hopefully someday. Reverse image searches SauceNAO and Tineye came up dry, even with the original picture:

Looks like the Image Pickin' thread couldn't pull it off earlier, either.

If I could take a wild guess, from the way they're drawn, I'm reminded of Revy and Rock from Black Lagoon... now watch me be way off.
07:11:42 AM Jun 17th 2017
It has source listed on Anime and Manga
01:41:24 PM Jul 4th 2016
Where did all those huge lists of Real Life examples go!? I came looking to show it to a friend who wanted some specific examples, and all I find are a few bland generic "people drive bad in this country" examples and a list of individual human beings who can't drive.
12:21:40 PM Oct 15th 2015
Pulled this example, because the fact that Phaeton could not control his father's chariot does not establish that he was a habitual Crazy Driver in the sense of this trope.
  • An example from Greek Mythology, famously told by Hyginus (2nd century CE): Phaeton, son of the sun god Helios, once took his dad's sun chariot out in an attempt to be recognized by others as the child of such a great deity. He completely lost control and nearly toasted the entire world. Earlier Euripides wrote a play on it.

07:18:28 AM Jul 22nd 2015
Should the Real Life examples have their own page? It's absurdly long.
12:08:32 AM Jun 12th 2013
Possible New Example for both Live Action TV and Real Life.

Andrew Younghusband, host of Canada's Worst Driver , will also be presenting Don't Drive Here, a series about driving in the worst congested cities of the world.


I wonder if the producers looked at this page for suggestions!
02:42:30 AM Jun 9th 2013
edited by
I deleted this example. Memes are discouraged as examples. It could be added if it's re-written, using reference from Know Your Meme, or it could be added to Image Links sub-page.

    New Media 
  • There's a South Korean internet meme called "Kim Yo-sa," or "Madam Kim," where pictures of bizarre car accidents and bad road behavior are attributed to a single middle-aged Korean woman via amusing captions.
06:00:31 AM Oct 19th 2011
edited by Filraen
Does this trope counts when a character is too good driver? Like driving in a "absurdly efficient" way being his standard.

By the way, this isn't Played for Laughs.
01:59:36 AM May 18th 2010
Okay, I'm sorry, this one just drives me crazy:

  • We Californians are infamous for our bad driving habits. There's a reason why we coined the term "Rush Hour". How bad is it on other states? Montana, a state that made do without speed limits, had to put them back in to deal with the damn Californian yuppie tourists.
    • Hell, this trope oughta be renamed to "California Driver": nobody would know the difference!
    • All Californians are active practitioners of the "California Roll-Through".
    • We also are known for our "California Stops", which is slowing down to 10 mph at a stop sign, then keep going. Also, speed limit be damned!
    • Not only were we the first state to introduce Hands Free and No Texting While Driving laws, the police don't enforce them anyway! Even the Governator's wife doesn't care!
    • The monorail tour at the San Diego Wild Animal Park often concluded by alongside the highway to show passengers the most dangerous animal of all: the San Diego Road Hog.
    • Illegal immigrants driving around in the Phoenix, AZ area are only slightly worse then Californian drivers.

I mean, really, speeding, not stopping all the way at stop signs and right turns, and texting while driving? Have you ever been outside California? Because to this Masshole, writing this from behind the wheel  *, if that's what you consider "hilariously bad driving," you're making it sound like a granny-shifter's paradise.
02:43:38 AM Jun 9th 2013
This page attracts natter. We should keep an eye on it, constantly.
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