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02:46:53 PM Jan 19th 2014
I think this article could use a lot of improvement. It reads like a narrative rather than an article. The article also implies that a dramatic gun cock ONLY happens when a character is interrogating another character.

This article should convey the fact that a dramatic gun cock is used to make a gun seem more threatening, and not used exclusively during interrogations.
02:59:04 PM Jan 19th 2014
You might want to offer it up here for consideration.
03:05:40 AM Jun 1st 2011
Does this now count as one of the Tropes Tested By The Mythbusters since the Sound FX ep?
12:22:32 AM Apr 19th 2011
edited by Camacan
These examples have no details, only a link. From How to Write an Example:

Don't rely on YouTube or other URL links: Don't put in an example that entirely boils down to "watch this YouTube video to understand what the heck I'm talking about!"

03:05:16 AM Jun 1st 2011
edited by Plumbum
Sorry, wrong button.
05:59:10 PM Mar 27th 2011
edited by
Just a note tropers, "cocking" a rifle is also known as "charging" it.
11:03:36 PM Oct 23rd 2010
Getting tired of the gun porn natter this page seems to attract. I'm tempted to remove every reference to gun models more sophisticated than 'big gun' and 'little gun' and all the impenetrable dissertations on whether or not the gun can actually make a clicking noise in real life. It's all very tangential to the actual trope which is simply "gun noises are dramatic."
01:16:21 PM Oct 16th 2010
Completely forgetting the FIRST EPISODE of Hellsing where Alucard cocks the slide of his gun back.... WITH HIS TEETH!
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