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10:09:38 AM Jul 11th 2011
edited by xanderglz
"With an all star voice cast and a confusing plot, Dragonaut is not widely regarded as good. But regardless, it aired and people watched it for some reason or other; some patient and forgiving souls even enjoyed it. Thus, this article. You might have looked up this page considering the massive ad campaign it has waged. That or The Advertisement Server is having a chuckle."

May I recall why is this portion of the summary removed? It always has been a feature in TV Tropes to give a little opinion about the show. Granted, this may not be one of the most descriptive points of view, but there's one nonetheless and there hasn't been another. The fact that the person removing it didn't give any reason at all annoys me the most, since it seems one of those moves from that ridiculous crusade to eradicate each and every little sample of subjectivity on the wiki, as if it was the worst thing ever.

Now I don't know if there's something I missed about the topic, but alas, I'm watching this anime just for the sake of adding a more descriptive POV about it. Hope you're happy TV Tropes, you're on the verge of ruining my life (again).
03:18:55 PM Sep 28th 2011
Strictly speaking, the original summary should be in YMMV, because it is hilarious. Granted, that takes away a lot of the humor that was had by slamming the show in the intro, but it prevents people from arguing in the main text over the merits of the anime. I'm not thrilled about all the changes in TV Tropes either, but this is what happens when you invite the world into your playground and don't want flamewars!
08:42:07 AM Mar 25th 2010
Episode 26 - If you watched even a few episodes, you MUST watch episode 26. Everyone is re-cast TWICE, once in an over-the-top Shonen school drama, then in a personality switchover. Just hilarious.