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11:46:31 PM Oct 27th 2010
edited by Serocco
Not really a big problem, but one for some thought: Dragon With An Agenda is fine as a title; it fits and defines the trope perfectly, but may be a bit too... long(?) a title, compared to the other Dragon tropes? As I have said, not a big problem, but it could leave some room for thought.
01:07:32 AM Oct 28th 2010
I've never been entirely happy with it, either, but clarity trumps brevity when it comes to titles IMO. ^^
04:12:48 PM Jan 5th 2012
So, I've been looking around for a sub-trope which should fit in with this one, but doesn't seem to be listed.

What do we call it when a Dragon betrays/destroys their Big Bad because of a moment of 'humanity' and switches sides?

The most obvious example of this is when Darth Vader tosses The Emperor into the Death Star Abyss at the end of Jedi, but it could also apply to Uncle Deadly at the end of the new muppet movie.

am i just missing it?
07:40:59 AM Jan 30th 2013
That's just a Heel–Face Turn caused by Even Evil Has Standards.
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