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08:35:37 PM Sep 20th 2010
Moving the Real Life material here; this needs to go in a Troper Tales page for the trope.

    Real Life 
  • Truth in Television, somewhat. Between growing up in a family full of doctors and becoming a nurse herself, this troper has known entirely too many of these people in real life. The good news is, they usually wind up either A) being hounded out of the hospital by their peers, B) getting their privileges yanked for flagrant jerkassery, or C) being sued into oblivion by irate patients.
  • I was born with a fairly rare medical condition. There was one (1) doctor in the area who specialized in my condition. He made it pretty clear that dealing with actual, live people was an unfortunate downside of his scientific interests.
    • Was it lupus?
      • It's never lupus.
  • One GP in this tropers towns' health centre is this. He has a horrible bedside manner but he gets the job done. Need a referral, you've got one, need medication, you've got it. And seems like the type to recognise odd symptoms for what they are, which is why he's still working anywhere.
    • ...House?
08:34:51 PM Mar 27th 2010
Okay, why is the picture on this article Black Jack, and not the more obvious choice of House? I mean, I'm an anime fan, but even I can accept that House is probably the more obvious, and recognizable, choice for this article. I know there's 'no such thing as notability,' but there is something to be said for having a more recognizable image on the page...
11:24:07 PM Apr 10th 2010
Quite. Now do you have a good picture of him?
10:11:56 PM Jan 12th 2011
edited by Toogs
There's a promotional picture of him taking off a latex glove with his teeth, subtly flipping us the bird. I think that embodies the trope nicely.