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06:14:44 AM Jul 26th 2011
How long before a trope be allowed to sit after launch before it can be thrown into the Trope Repair Shop?

It launched about 5 months ago, the troper opinion in the YKTTW went 8 yes, 3 no and 1 maybe and it barely scraped through the YKKTW with a minimum amount of examples.

It still only has 4 examples, and after 5 months up it's only got 29 wicks and 0 inbounds.
06:19:09 AM Jul 26th 2011
You do realize this is a Trope Trope, right?
12:26:37 PM Sep 5th 2011
Waited another couple months, nothing more was added. TRS'ed it.
08:14:13 AM Jun 20th 2011
edited by AhBengI
This trope could do with a trope image. I should think a chessboard that has been set up with the indication that it is a World of Badass would work.
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