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10:18:51 AM Mar 8th 2012
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Selim Bradley pretends to be a Cute Shotaro Boy, when in fact he's not. At the end of the series, he becomes a straight example of the trope after he loses his memories.

One, Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. Two, this trope is highly misused and this example suggests that it does not apply; please check the definition at Adorably Precocious Child before re-adding.
09:48:43 AM Apr 26th 2011
Here's a question: I'm not sure if this counts as a Double Subversion of Brainy Brunette, but let's say Susan has dark chestnut hair. When the subject of her grades comes up, it turns out she's a C-student at best. Then we learn she's really Book Dumb, and then come to find out she is pretty bright, but doesn't care to put it to studies.