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02:24:13 AM Oct 24th 2013
Did we really need to have the N-word right there in the trope description?
03:13:26 PM Oct 25th 2013
For reference, this is what Midna was talking about :

In police TV shows, cops will routinely threaten suspects with jail, where "all those big horny niggers like nothing better than a new white bitch to rape!"

Is that a quote or something? I couldn't find anything about it.
09:17:21 AM Nov 12th 2012
Stephen Lynch did a live performance of his Super Hero song, with audience contributed super hero names, one of which was "Butt Sex Man," which Lynch posited fought crime through, well, anal sexual assault.

That fits here, right?
08:31:10 PM Jun 4th 2012
With all of these examples, a trend emerges. Seems like there is a distinct difference between regular Double Standard: Rape, Male on Male and Karmic Rape. Shouldn't these be separated?
02:06:36 PM Jul 4th 2012
Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something here, but I would say not. Saying it was 'karmic' seems to imply someone deserved to be raped, which I'm not sure many people would be comfortable suggesting.
12:44:24 PM Nov 12th 2012
Ever hear the Date Rape song by Sublime? Basically it's about a guy who commits date rape, and has a victim press charges, the final verse is about him being raped in the prison shower. That's basically the pinnacle of "Karmic Rape."
08:00:43 PM Apr 15th 2012
I could have sworn this used to have another name
08:57:48 PM Apr 24th 2012
edited by DunDun
I'm pretty sure it used to have the name "Rape Is Okay When It Is Male On Male" or instead of "okay" it was "funny." I'm glad they changed it.
03:36:42 AM Apr 25th 2012
It did, but the old name made it sound like we were saying rape was okay, which clearly wasn't the case. See the Rape Trope Renames thread.
11:55:01 AM Dec 12th 2011
Where the heck would I put the one person saying to the other person, "You must have wanted it to happen."? Seems to crop up in all four (?) versions of rape, but is more acceptable when the victim is "in the closet" or "in denial".
06:03:23 PM Aug 9th 2011
edited by Shinobody
AVERSIONS. This page has about as much aversions as it has examples. What the hell, I ask. EDIT: I just deleted "Literature" folder. IT WAS JUST AVERSIONS IN THERE.
12:38:24 AM Mar 9th 2011
I've read the stories with Apollo, Lobo and Kyle Rayner. I didn't come away with the impression -any- of them were raped. For Apollo I just thought he was beaten severely. Lobo, it was kept vague about what happened to the guy. This, by Lobo's opponent who, despite being called Hitman makes it a point NOT to call women bitches. And Kyle makes a boatloads of money for DC, I don't think they'd allow him to be molested like that.
02:19:08 AM May 5th 2010
02:20:30 AM May 5th 2010
Speaking as someone around when the movie hit theaters, it wasn't "funny" except as a way of coping with how uncomfortable most 18-30 year old males were with it. It's definitely a lot more "funny" now, universally and all-around, than it was back then.
07:42:40 PM Jun 11th 2010
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