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02:32:34 PM Jun 24th 2014
Can somebody with the authority to work around the lock do something about the All Men Are Perverts example under 'Sexist against Men'? Even if the ideas are somehow sacrosanct, the grammar and the confusion between 'then' and 'than' is irksome. Cooling the rant-like quality off a little would be nice, but I'm not insisting.
11:07:13 PM Jun 24th 2014
We have an edit requests thread here, for the record.
02:07:14 AM Nov 29th 2013
Is there a Double Standard trope for when no one bats an eye at all the human bloodshed they're laughing at, but when the dog or cat gets hurt, the line has been crossed & the mood goes down?
07:43:49 AM May 10th 2014
That's more about Humas Are Bastards or general misanthropy.
07:06:43 PM Nov 15th 2013
Wouldn't Hit a Girl should be under "Sexist Against Either", since part of the trope is that women are exempt from violence because they're weak. I'd move it myself, but the page is locked.
12:07:52 PM Nov 17th 2013
10:32:29 AM Oct 22nd 2013
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I know this sounds like a rant, but it seems like there are a few double standards on This Very Wiki. For instance, a lot of people seem to be under the impression that this refers only to tropes that are sexist, and furthermore, specifically sexist against women. About half the tropes listed on the page seem to get a lot less of a negative response in different places (it seems like pages like this mention Ms. Fanservice or the camera's near-constant focus on her assets, And That's Terrible. But look for this trope under a character page that mentions said character being Ms. Fanservice...and that's awesome! Hypocrites much? Don't try to tell me it's because the editor on the latter was "obviously" a male, either). Second, this doesn't just apply to sexism; one case that seems to bug me is a lot of people on this site's attitude toward some supposedly non-Acceptable Targets in the religious realm. If there are cases where religious nutjobs make the whole sect look bad, they may be admitted as such, but are still considered "real" cases. Contrast this with militant atheists who openly bash religion to the point of Kick the Dog, so much so that even other atheists don't like them, but these are treated as Hollywood Atheists (read: not "real" atheists) or just trolls trying to make non-believers look bad.

Am I wrong to feel like someone's getting jipped here? I don't mean to offend anyone (though I'm sure I already have), but I'm just saying.
05:17:44 PM Nov 7th 2013
You do realize that tv tropes are not written by one person,right?
01:00:44 AM Nov 8th 2013
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Indeed, LC speaks truth. Hard to pin down what a thousand different editors are doing. Instead of complaining, open a forum thread.
05:45:41 PM Nov 28th 2013
Fair enough.
04:50:48 AM Mar 21st 2014
The reference to When Harry Met Sally under All Men Are Perverts is red, I think it's misspelt. The fact that it's in the description means it deserves attention.
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