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12:57:41 PM Aug 11th 2012
Sakaki Milking Atoli
12:58:28 PM Aug 11th 2012
Thanks for that image.
05:25:55 PM Oct 28th 2010
edited by CCMars
Ugh, I knew I should have just left it to rot. Sometimes I think I'm a masochist.

In reply to an anonymous person (the person up above) from the edit history: Actually, I love both Atoli and Alkaid. I don't ship Haseo with either girl and my own shipping opinions would involve a massive Infodump, so I'll spare you that. Now, let me elaborate on my own explanation. If you actually read it, that is.

One of the reasons I deleted the base breaking stuff and all that is because most of the flame wars I've seen tends to be on one site and usually involve the same few people. The last part leads into my other reason and the one I was trying to avoid elaborating on. I will say it involves a type of person very similar to the one you tried to mock.

The Atoli entries most likely would have been trimmed anyway as they were starting to get a little schmaltzy. I may have gone a little far with the cutting, so in case of that I apologize.

As for Haseo/Atoli, while they indeed have a very strong relationship, the romantic part of it is still YMMV in all but Trilogy, thus why I erased Race for Your Love. Perhaps I should have just deleted the Second Love part?

I didn't think of listing Die for Our Ship as a reason for the "base breakers" though, so thank you for putting that in.

I hope that made a little more sense and forgive me if I was rude to you in any way.
01:05:37 PM Oct 8th 2010
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Putting down some tropes here that I've noticed over replaying the games that I'm surprised don't have a page yet (so that I can propose them later):

- Pretending to be nice to someone while stepping on their foot, crushing the hand they offer, etc. (Saku when she joins up after Endrance does).

- The fox-faced grin she wears at the time. (You can find other characters who do this particular grin scattered around other smile tropes, but no tropes for it in particular.)

- Bordeaux and the spider woman / spider motifs. We have a general Animal Motifs trope, but some of those need to be broken out IMHO.

- NP Cs that never do anything. e.g. Encountering people hanging out at the warp point right in front of the Beast Statue. Also, going on a quest, meeting someone in the dungeon, and never seeing evidence that they touched any chests, monsters, or chim doors.

The possibility does exist that some of these do have trope pages, but are so obscurely named that I can't find them within 5 minutes of Google-searching the site.
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